The Smartphone: a new revolutionary technology

We are no longer in the era where the phone is just used to call or send messages to others. The Smartphone has become a technological device that we can no longer do without. It allows today to connect to the internet, take pictures and videos, check the weather or organize appointments. Despite the new operating systems and designs or new options, the smartphones of tomorrow may be quite different.

The innovations present in smartphones

First of a simple utility, the smartphone are now equipped with multiple functions. Smartphones have been around for over 20 years (1993) and served as a digital assistant for its users. Today, the giants of the smartphone industry such as Google, Samsung, Nokia, Apple or Microsoft are in a tough competition to adapt the best technology to smartphones. Currently, smartphones are capable of performing several functions however innovations in this field are not at their decline. For more info visit

Discover the future of smartphones

The technologies that smartphones could have been numerous. Let's start with the smart bracelet that has a projector that displays all the content of your smartphone on your arm. Then there is the flexible screen, soon it will be possible to fold the smartphones as we want. In fact, some technology giants have already started to adopt this technology by using plastic instead of glass. Moreover, the quality of the screen of smartphones wills no longer be a problem, as industries are planning to switch to 3D. Also, 3 times more secure than the fingerprint, the eye scan developed by EyeVerify allows a better authentication thanks to the eye retina. The 5G that is taking off could provide a maximum speed of 10 Gbps. Finally, while some manufacturers intend to manufacture smartphones without batteries, others prefer unlimited batteries so that your cell phone will never be discharged.