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3 essential things a CV should contains

It is essential to write a CV while applying for a job. It allows the employer to learn about you, your personality and abilities. However, getting the job also depends on the quality of the CV you have written. Here are some things your CV should contain to help you surely get a job.

Training section

You must necessarily specify your training on your CV. Put them before putting the skills section. Also, give as much detail as possible about the places where you trained. If you graduated from a prestigious university, you can specify it in bold. Your professional career should be presented in chronological order. This makes its reading easier and more harmonious. You can also mention the different internships you have done and which are related to the job you are aiming for. For each internship or previous job mentioned, always specify the date. This adds credibility to your application. In addition, the recruiter will be more likely to believe what he/she reads.

Skills section

It is good to mention your educational background, but it is even more important to emphasize your skills. These are actually what recruiters are most interested in as they tell them what you can contribute. List your skills in short paragraphs so as not to overload the section. It is important to remember that you must be able to justify everything you mention. To get more information, go on

Hobbies section

You may wonder why it is important to include your hobbies when writing your CV. In fact, your hobbies say a lot about your personality. So, list the activities you do. Whether it is sport, traveling or discovering other cultures, write them down. Some recruiters take the hobbies into account quite a lot because the qualifications are often the same between candidates. It may be interesting to find a link between the target job and the area of interest. Knowing what your hobbies are allows them to choose between you.

Assurance professionnelle : Pourquoi souscrire ?

Pendant que nous menons une vie professionnelle, un accident peut survenir au niveau de notre entreprise ou lieu de travail. Cela pourra nous handicaper dans l'évolution de la dite entreprise, il va falloir souscrire à une assurance professionnelle.

La souscription à une assurance professionnelle : qu'en est-il ?

L'assurance professionnelle couvre les dommages causés par une entreprise à ses clients ou à un tiers ou encore au personnel de l'entreprise. Elle prend en charge au même titre que votre trésorerie, les frais de défense, les différents dommages-intérêts mis à la charge de l'entreprise pour une juridiction ou encore les indemnités permettant de réparer le risque causé par le risque. D'autres professions sont dans l'obligation de souscrire un contrat RC Pro. Le contrat RC Pro couvre la santé financière de l'entreprise. Il aide également à répondre à la régularité de l'assurance requise par les clients, par la signature de contrat de prestation, dans certains secteurs comme celui de l'information, de la technologie ou de la communication pour ne citer que ceux-là. Quelle que soit la valeur de votre entreprise et la gravité du sinistre vous pouvez est mis en cause. Il est dont important de se protéger par une assurance professionnelle pour des cas d'imprévus. Apprenez plus sur

Responsabilité civile d'une entreprise

Il est toujours mieux de protéger son entreprise contre des risques qui pourront survenir à tout moment. Dans plusieurs cas les litiges surviennent souvent entre les responsables des entreprises et leurs clients ou prestataires. L'assurance professionnelle couvre alors des dommages éventuels : la garantie responsabilité civile entre autre : un client qui vous met en cause pour le fait que vous n'avez pas respecté le délai de livraison prévu dans le contrat…
Il est fiable de souscrire à une assurance professionnelle pour éviter le manque de possibilité de couverture en cas d'un risque.

The Smartphone: a new revolutionary technology

We are no longer in the era where the phone is just used to call or send messages to others. The Smartphone has become a technological device that we can no longer do without. It allows today to connect to the internet, take pictures and videos, check the weather or organize appointments. Despite the new operating systems and designs or new options, the smartphones of tomorrow may be quite different.

The innovations present in smartphones

First of a simple utility, the smartphone are now equipped with multiple functions. Smartphones have been around for over 20 years (1993) and served as a digital assistant for its users. Today, the giants of the smartphone industry such as Google, Samsung, Nokia, Apple or Microsoft are in a tough competition to adapt the best technology to smartphones. Currently, smartphones are capable of performing several functions however innovations in this field are not at their decline. For more info visit

Discover the future of smartphones

The technologies that smartphones could have been numerous. Let's start with the smart bracelet that has a projector that displays all the content of your smartphone on your arm. Then there is the flexible screen, soon it will be possible to fold the smartphones as we want. In fact, some technology giants have already started to adopt this technology by using plastic instead of glass. Moreover, the quality of the screen of smartphones wills no longer be a problem, as industries are planning to switch to 3D. Also, 3 times more secure than the fingerprint, the eye scan developed by EyeVerify allows a better authentication thanks to the eye retina. The 5G that is taking off could provide a maximum speed of 10 Gbps. Finally, while some manufacturers intend to manufacture smartphones without batteries, others prefer unlimited batteries so that your cell phone will never be discharged.


Kratom is a tree leaf (Mitragyna speciosa), native to Southeast Asia. Its medicines have long been used in the region to increase energy and relieve pain, as well as to treat a number of other conditions. Its use in the United States has increased in recent years for pain relief as well as to aid in the treatment of opioid withdrawal.

A plant that's been getting a buzz in recent years

Kratom made news in November (2017) when US Food and Drug Administration Commissioner Scott Gottlieb (MD) warned against its use, particularly by people suffering from heroin and other opioids. Click here to read more . He noted that the officer is aware of reports of kratom supplements being wrapped with opioids such as hydrocodone and also warns that its use can lead to serious side effects, including seizures, liver damage and withdrawal symptoms. Kratom's products are reportedly widely sold in smoke shops and elsewhere as a powder to be consumed as a tea to slow the effects of opioid withdrawal.

Studies are still underway

So far, most of the scientific evidence that kratom may have opioid-like activity comes from animal studies, although the effects in humans are similar to those of opioids. However, unlike opioids, which tend to be calming, at low to moderate doses, kratom appears to have a mildly stimulating effect. Kratom does not produce an opioid-like peak, but abruptly discontinuing its use may result in withdrawal symptoms, although these are milder than those associated with discontinuing opioid use. No controlled clinical studies have been published in this letter on the safety and efficacy of kratom in humans for pain control or opioid withdrawal. And as there is no doubt that some kratom products are counterfeit in some cases with toxic drugs.

Safety rules to know before going to the zoo

Going to the zoo to have fun or to make new discoveries is a common occurrence. However, it is important to know the postures and behaviors to adopt for your safety in this space. So, what are the safety rules to respect in a zoo?

The rules of good conduct

In order to avoid any incident, the first rule of conduct to know before going to the zoo is that it is not recommended to walk alone. You must stay in your group and with your companions to avoid any bad encounters.

Also, in the zoo, wild animals are dangerous. Therefore, it is necessary to avoid crossing the security barriers or leaving the visiting areas. It is strictly forbidden to enter the space of a wild animal. This constitutes a risk of death. Also, for safety reasons, visit to understand more about the necessary measures.

Rules for health safety

Since the advent of Covid-19, several safety rules are undertaken by zoo managers on the health front. Most of these rules are to avoid the spread of the virus within the zoo and between visitors. Indeed, it is recommended that everyone wear a mask before going to the zoo.

It is also important to keep a distance of at least 1 meter between people of the same group in the zoo. To this end, enclosures have been installed in the zoos to ensure compliance with the barrier measures.

Safety rules and protection of children in the zoo

It is quite common to see children in the zoo. This is quite normal when they are accompanied by a responsible adult! However, it is up to the parents or guardians to adopt and respect the basic rules to ensure their safety at the zoo. Indeed, it is imperative that parents keep their children close to them and prevent them from getting too close to the wild animals' enclosures.

In addition, before bringing your child to a place like the zoo, it is necessary to talk to him or her about a few things to do. This way, your child will know that he or she should not try to play with or pet certain animals.

Ebola hits Guinea, leaving five people dead

Ebola virus has hit Africa again, this time Guinea has taken some fatalities. This will come as a blow to Guinea who is still battling with coronavirus. 

Ebola strikes Guinea, killing five

Guinea has just been hit by another wave of the Ebola virus. This was discovered on Saturday when about eight people tested positive for this dreaded virus. The eight people got sick with fever and nausea after going to a burial near Goeke town close to the border in the northwest region of the country. 

The remaining people are put in isolation according to health officials. Because of this, the government of Guinea has declared a pandemic for the sickness. One of the infected people was a Doctor who got sick and died shortly last week according to the Federal Health Commission Mr. Sakoba Keita. However, after the burial, some people present at the burial started to vomit and bleed heavily. 

Government warns citizens to keep safe and check for symptoms 

Health Minister Remy Lamah said they were very concerned about the fatalities because it was the first since 2015 when the disease struck heavily in the nation. Africa has suffered from the pandemic especially Africa nations in Liberia, Sierra Leone and. Congo. This disease came at the wrong time as the world is still battling the coronavirus pandemic which has claimed millions of lives worldwide. 

Symptoms of the virus include bleeding, diarrhea, and constant vomiting. It is usually spread via body contact and fluids. The unfortunate thing about the virus is that it kills faster than Coronavirus, however, the symptoms are visible. Medical officials have confirmed that they would carry out another test on everyone at the burial to ascertain those with the virus.

Guinea has said it will work with the world health organizations and other relevant medical agencies to get Ebola vaccines. Guinea hospitals have been under heavy pressure from the 20,000 Covid-19 active cases.

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