Ebola hits Guinea, leaving five people dead

Ebola virus has hit Africa again, this time Guinea has taken some fatalities. This will come as a blow to Guinea who is still battling with coronavirus. 

Ebola strikes Guinea, killing five

Guinea has just been hit by another wave of the Ebola virus. This was discovered on Saturday when about eight people tested positive for this dreaded virus. The eight people got sick with fever and nausea after going to a burial near Goeke town close to the border in the northwest region of the country. 

The remaining people are put in isolation according to health officials. Because of this, the government of Guinea has declared a pandemic for the sickness. One of the infected people was a Doctor who got sick and died shortly last week according to the Federal Health Commission Mr. Sakoba Keita. However, after the burial, some people present at the burial started to vomit and bleed heavily. 

Government warns citizens to keep safe and check for symptoms 

Health Minister Remy Lamah said they were very concerned about the fatalities because it was the first since 2015 when the disease struck heavily in the nation. Africa has suffered from the pandemic especially Africa nations in Liberia, Sierra Leone and. Congo. This disease came at the wrong time as the world is still battling the coronavirus pandemic which has claimed millions of lives worldwide. 

Symptoms of the virus include bleeding, diarrhea, and constant vomiting. It is usually spread via body contact and fluids. The unfortunate thing about the virus is that it kills faster than Coronavirus, however, the symptoms are visible. Medical officials have confirmed that they would carry out another test on everyone at the burial to ascertain those with the virus.

Guinea has said it will work with the world health organizations and other relevant medical agencies to get Ebola vaccines. Guinea hospitals have been under heavy pressure from the 20,000 Covid-19 active cases.